UK Tradeshow

The recent SSAUK trade show was very interesting, as it seemed smaller but more vibrant than 2008's show. Over 100 delegates attended and all the major companies were represented. From an exhibitors perspective, there were almost 30 other firms at the tradeshow and there was a great depth of knowledge & wealth of new products to be seen and tested out.

StorMan Software UK was proud to be associated for our second year and Manchester proved it's worth yet again. We had a chance to talk to over 80 different storage firms with regard to our software and how it could help these operators flourish in a recovering economic market.

Everyone who saw our fully integrated Online Reservations and Online Payments modules saw the value of having it directly connected to their software. Many were amazed that a “little Aussie & NZ” company was able to produce a world calls product tailored to their market. StorMan Software UK looks forward to helping these people move forward in the market place.

Watch this space as we have some exciting things about to happen in the UK market.

- Ben (International Sales Manager, StorMan Software)