Important information for ADVAM users

One of the many great features of StorMan that facilities use is that of automatically processing credit cards or direct debits during the Daily Processing. This saves a huge amount of time for managers who would otherwise have to manually process these through an EFT-POS terminal each day. This feature was developed about six or seven years ago when StorMan entered into a partnership with a very large credit card processing vendor in the United States called AuthoriseNet to bring this time saving feature to StorMan USA users.

After that we found some companies who provided this service in Australia and New Zealand and entered into arrangements with them to provide this service. As part of these standard partnership arrangements it was mutually agreed that StorMan would receive an ongoing fee for developing and supporting this interface and the benefits that it provides.


Recently we realised that an exclusive deal with one payment provider was not in the best interests of our customers and the directors of StorMan agreed that a simpler, more transparent approach was needed. In developing new relationships with payment gateway partners for Payment processing it was realised that a flat fee per transaction was preferable and cheaper for our valued customers than charging a monthly account fee.

We at StorMan believe that there is immense value in this process given the new rules around PCI compliance and the increasing security requirements that facilities have to comply with and accordingly we treat this matter very seriously. For those users who remain on an older payment processing system StorMan is faced with two options to continue to provide support, bug fixing, and continued future interface development. One is to increase our Upgrades and Support fee to all StorMan customers, or secondly to retain the flat monthly fee structure.

We have decided that the second alternative is much fairer as it is then charged to those users who are using this service. So from 1 April 2011 StorMan is introducing a monthly fee of $20 plus GST for the Advam interface module.


While this may seem like an increase in the cost of processing credit cards, direct debits and SMS's we believe that it should not result in an overall increase to the users of this service, as we would recommend that users discuss the option of a reduction in the fees paid to Advam knowing that they were previously paying StorMan some of the fee they are receiving.

In addition we believe that choice of vendors is an important option in the Self Storage industry as competition nearly always results in better service and lower prices, while exclusivity tends to do the opposite, and so StorMan has been working to partner with many other providers of these services. In Australia, we have developed an interface with Ezidebit (Credit Cards and Direct Debits) and with Thinc Technologies (SMS and Credit Cards), and are in the process of completing an arrangement with Payment Express (Credit Cards) in New Zealand who is a large provider that is used by large companies such as TradeMe, Bank of NZ, and Air New Zealand.

For more information on these processing partners, please contact Sales at StorMan who will be able to provide information about each service and to help to recommend the best options for your business if required. Existing Advam users will also need to contact Sales at StorMan prior to 1 April to ensure continuity of service.


We believe that the automated interface and support provided by StorMan to offer these services is an important part of making the processing of payments work seamlessly, and is a huge timesaving feature to managers that far outweighs the costs involved for these services.

StorMan is continuing the development of many new features and will be releasing StorMan version 9 in the next few months that has many excellent and new features that have been recommended by you, our users, and we greatly value your contribution to the ongoing development of the StorMan product which we believe is the very best storage software available in the industry.

Please rest assured that as Directors we have not entered in to this process lightly and believe that the path we have chosen is based on the absolute respect we have for our customers and their business. As such should you feel the need to discuss this process or our reasoning further we will happily make ourselves available.