Less than a minute

There has been a lot of debate in the media recently regarding the new structure of the government here in Australia and with financial times such as they are it wasn't long before the conversation got around to changing GST or VAT percentages in countries like the UK and NZ.

This again highlights the old truism that the only constant is change and serves to point out that you need a software program that will change with your business.

Once again StorMan has delivered to our international clients in that they can easily accommodate this change within StorMan. In fact the change itself takes less than a minute.


Speaking of taking less than a minute I recently demo’ed our new Ezidebit module integration and I surprised a lot of people when they realised that the setup for that module took... wait for it... less than a minute.

If you haven’t seen Ezidebit or want to know more check out their blog posts here and here.


I am again rewarded to see that at this years Self Storage Association of Australasia conference (be sure to check out our tradeshow photos) all the major winners are using StorMan and congratulations are in order for the following people and businesses.

The only gong we missed this year was the Manager of the Year who, through no fault of his, uses a non-StorMan product - however we still wish Mark Stuartwell on his travels.

And lastly a big thank you to all and sundry who made this year’s trade show a fantastic success. I look forward to catching you all over the course of the year.

- Ben (International Sales Manager, StorMan Software)