Making it rich in lean times

Please note: This article is designed to be a tender for the prudent more than a life-raft for the drowning or the paranoid.

Let's start looking at this situation now so we can conduct ourselves pro-actively, swiftly, decisively, and accurately, instead of having to employ a series of woefully in-adequate knee-jerk reactions later on. Whilst we are not expecting Armageddon make no mistake - there are very likely tough times ahead for many and it certainly will not hurt anyone in the storage business to take a prudent approach.


What could the new economic environment mean to your self storage business?

There is no doubt about it. A number of indicators are present that suggest some business operators could be in for tough times. Experts are pointing to problems that could last until the end of 2008 or even as far out as mid 2009. This will (potentially) mean lots of things to you and your business. Here are just some of them:

  • You may need to re-finance
  • You may need to exit some aspects of your business
  • You may need to expand other aspects of your business
  • You will definitely need to continue to attract new customers in a marketplace that keeps getting more and more competitive
  • You may need to re-formulate various strategies, operational, and management methods to handle "more" or "new" customers
  • You may need to review customer offerings to maximise yield and/or balance your capacity to deliver satisfaction to the required degree
  • You may need to look at different technology based products and services so you can deliver more bang for the buck to your customer and/or reduce operating costs for your business
  • You may need to re-think your entire business and everything in it!

All of the above is potentially enough to make "Obi-Wan-Kenobi" nervous about minding a nursery full of sleeping infants.


That is why the following article discusses:

How you can quickly, efficiently and effectively grow your base of customers (in many cases) exponentially - without ever wasting another single advertising red cent.

This is an absolutely FREE personal referral to the authoring publisher of one of (what many people feel could be) the most amazing business success philosophies of the internet age. This referral comes with a warning though. Once you have started playing with these toys they may make you so much money and/or you may enjoy using them so much that you may never want to put them down!


Taking care of business effectively and efficiently.

How can you ensure you are thoroughly prepared (as much as you possibly can be) for anything the changing environment is about to throw at you? How, even in a highly competitive and very tough environment, can you quickly, efficiently and effectively grow your base of customers (in many cases) exponentially - without ever wasting another single advertising red cent?

At all times you must successfully identify, attract, and convert customers. The minute you stop doing this, your business starts to die. Why not, right now, consider taking the guesswork out of your marketing so you can stop throwing away good money after bad in an attempt to attract new business in a highly competitive marketplace?

What we have in mind is truly inspirational. And who is going to say "No" to new and profitably acquired customers? Take a look at what some of these people have to say about the ideas StorMan would like to sponsor your exposure to:


"Thank you for being such a great guest (on the Guerilla Marketing Call) and explaining the Brain Audit!"
Jay Conrad Levinson (Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books)


"I have been in sales for 38 years.I thought I knew sales inside out. And while I keep aware of new developments, the Brain Audit is a revelation. I am rethinking all the messages I communicate through e-mail, newsletters, articles, online classes, tele-classes, talks and website marketing. The Brain Audit is a bible for communications that connect with the consumer."
Wayne Cotton (Lake Country, Canada)


"What do your customers think? What would make them buy? No one, in my knowledge, has written about how to effectively use persuasion tactics in your communication messages. Until now. In the Brain Audit Sean teaches the 7 steps of how to form killer communication pieces that make people buy from you. It is a simple psychological system that everyone can use in their communications to increase their profits."
Ankesh Kothari (East Lansing, MI, USA)


"I'm still stunned at what The Brain Audit suggests you do with your competitor's logo. It will transform your business. My highest recommendation."
Kenrick E. Cleveland (


"A wake-up call for relentless positive thinkers with chronically negative bank accounts. If you're wondering why your benefit-driven marketing isn't hitting the mark, Sean knows why and he'll tell you. Then he'll show you what you can do about it so you can be a lot richer, and your customers will be a lot happier! I know what I just said may sound like a contradiction to you, but, I assure you, it's an ongoing reality. I had to learn the hard way what Sean will teach you easily in this ebook."
David Garfinkel (Copywriting Genius & author)


"People buy with their eyes. The Brain Audit is a perfect example why. It's charming to look at ... plus it's a great read. Marketers of all ages will be delighted by the writer's keen insight and enchanting case studies."
Jay. S. Rosenberg (President-JSR Advertising, Chicago)


"Who needs better marketing? Why would someone choose a method of deeply rooted psychological principles that speaks directly to the mind of potential prospects? The answers are 'everyone' and 'because they work!' This is one of the best marketing programs in the world today."
Chris Ellington (DoubleHelix, CA, USA)


"I just read them tonight (I stayed up too late but couldn't put my laptop down!) I am going to begin using them in my business tomorrow!"
Greg Thibodeaux (Creative Director, BMP Direct, USA)


"Sean says in 40+ pages what other marketing gurus say in 400+ pages. Plus, he benefits from his agency copywriting background, and really goes into the psychological process of turning window shoppers into customers."
Paul Denlinger (Managing Director, China Ready, USA)


Now I must ask you a question. Is it possible that material of this calibre just might help your business in some, profitable way? If you answered "Yes", then doesn't it make sense to receive sponsored access to this life-changing business philosophy, regardless of whether you feel the market is good or otherwise right now, so you can maximise the productivity of your business? Absolutely!

Let me explain a little about how I know of the existence of this stuff and where to get it.


Meet Sean D'Souza, from Psychotactics

In Auckland, New Zealand (NZ), sometime around the late 1990's I attended a meeting of the "Waterfront Chapter" of Business Networks International (BNI). BNI is a professional organisation putting business people together all over the world so they can support, partner, and improve the productivity of each other's business in a myriad of ways. There, I met a guy by the name of Sean D'Souza.

Sean had just arrived from India where he was involved in marketing. His work specialised in business communication via highly specialist medium. The highly specialised medium was cartoons. Yes. Sean, was a cartoonist. He drew cartoons to convey marketing messages for companies.

Sean and his wife Renuka arrived in Auckland a short time before I met him and knew virtually no-one. Within 2 years he was telling me about an ocean cruise which a leading NZ retail chain had invited him and his wife to attend. On that cruise were all of the most senior sales and marketing staff from the company concerned. Sean, an immigrant to NZ, had been invited to teach these highly skilled, talented, and very well paid kiwis how to sell more product to other kiwis ("kiwi" is a colloquial term for New Zealander). For Sean, an Indian from India, preaching to a boatload of "know-it-all kiwis", the cruise was a total success.


Nowadays Sean teaches people all over the world how to sell more widgets to customers. Actually, it is less about selling to a customer and more about getting the customer to want to buy from you instead of your competition. Let's face it, your competition can probably supply the customer with exactly the same product or service that you can. But if you do it Sean's way, the customer will buy from you because they want to do business with you and not the guy down the road. It is all about how the customer perceives you, your company, and what you have to offer. Because Sean's ideas are based on human motivational psychology they are successfully and universally employed by businesses in almost every industry, and in almost every country.

If you have never heard of Sean before, how can you tell if he is any good? You will know he is good at what he does for three very good reasons.


1) He is married to an extremely beautiful, smart, and vibrant woman. So there goes at least one high quality person who considers Sean to be of sufficient marketable value to warrant an investment to the tune of all she has!

2) You can review the story and testimonials I have just mentioned to you. This is a real life story. The "proof" is "in the pudding". Everything Sean talks about is real - because he has done it! People before him have "done it" in exactly the same way. He didn't make this stuff up. It is based on technology that dates back 5,000 years. This stuff is well tried and proven and has definitely stood the test of time.

3) You can read the testimonials on his website. You will see internationally renowned marketing guru's from all over the world ratify Sean and his practices.


OK. Let's say that we have established for you that it is good business for you to look at what Sean has to offer. Sean sounds expensive, right? WRONG!

You can access almost every idea he has ever published for FREE just by allowing StorMan to sponsor your visit to so you can check this stuff out. You do not even have to be a StorMan customer - we will still sponsor you! When you subscribe to his website Sean will send you his latest articles as they roll hot off the press on an on-going basis, forever, or until you ask him to stop. In addition, StorMan will sponsor new customers access to numerous tools which he has available for sale from his website.


Sean is a smart guy. He likes to know where all of his contacts come from. When you subscribe to his site and he asks you how you heard about him tell him about this letter from me. I do not get anything for this other than the knowledge that you, like the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of other business people whom I have recommended to Sean's website, is in some way better able to sell their products and services. As I supply to the self storage industry it is certainly in my best interests that I do everything I possibly can to assist your business to succeed. You might end up with a full book of more customers than you have units to rent...

Chances are, by the time you have finished learning from Sean (and I never have because this guy reads 100 books per annum and so he always has something new to say) or, at least, by the time you are ready to start implementing some of Sean's stuff, it is very likely you will review all methods of communication with your customers and prospects. This will most likely include your website, emails, letters, signage, advertising - everything! Your thinking about customer communication may have changed significantly and you might no longer deem these things acceptable anymore in their current format.

We invite you to take a look around our website here. Why? Because if your time with Sean leads you to wanting to upgrade your website StorMan is in a position to sponsor your upgrade through the media company we use for ours. So feel free to take a look at ours, and see what this media company does. When you do, you are most welcome to drop me an email with your thoughts.

Putting in place the systems that will handle the volume of new business you acquire So, now is when I "HIT" you with my super-duper deal on StorMan software, right? WRONG!!! When I mentioned handling business I was talking about the customer. How can you make your business more than just a place for your customer to store stuff? How can you make your business more than just a place for your customer to store stuff? How can your place of business become keeper of the title deed to the real-estate in your customer's brain that tells them your business is the extension of their home where they keep the things they do not use daily? Well, it is a strategic thing and we won't go into too much detail here.


That is really Sean's territory anyway. But there is one simple, easy, and quick way you can make a very good start. Have you ever been into Subway for a sandwhich? What is the first thing you hear whenever you walk into Subway for lunch? Let me remind you - it goes like this:

"Welcome to Subway!" I might add this may not be universal. It certainly does not happen in New Zealand. Although it should. I have only really seen this happening here in the USA. I think the kiwi's should take this idea up. Why?

In any busy subway there may be a long line in front of you before you have any hope of being served. In any other place you might be tempted to walk away and find something that seems a little more convenient to you. But you won't leave here. Why? Because you have been noticed!


Now, imagine this happens many times. Does subway start to feel comfortable? Kind of like, a second home? I mean, this is where you come so your friends can greet you as you arrive and make you feel welcome before they prepare your lunch exactly the way YOU like it, right?

How would your customers feel if you welcomed them in exactly the same way as soon as they entered your office (or wherever you serve them on your premises)? If any of this makes sense to you the following is what you need to do immediately - right now! (without any further ado :-).


What must you do next?

Meet Sean D'Souza from psychotactics! Your StorMan sponsorhip to psychotactics begins here.

Step 1 : Go visit

Step 2 : Subscribe to Sean's newsletter on his website. When Sean's website asks you how you heard of him just type in "StorMan". That is how we begin to sponsor you on this exciting journey. This works because Sean likes to know where his business comes from. Our company receives no commission or benefit other than the knowledge it was us who referred you. Sean will teach you why he does that if you decide to work with him at some point.

Step 3 : Evaluate what I have done with you here. If you find me helpful and honest then by all means let me know how you got on with Sean and his website. You can email me ( When you get back to me I can advise you of how StorMan can further sponsor you as mentioned earlier.


How can you ensure you are thoroughly prepared (as much as you possibly can be) for anything the changing environment is about to throw at you?

What happens if you need immediate, direct and timely access to critical information and advice in order to deal with something that comes up? Have you heard of the California Self Storage Association (CSSA)? These guys are set to resource your business throughout 2008 with enough punch to send it to the moon and back! This is just some of what the CSSA have in mind for you:

1) Education. This is the best way you can ensure each and every member of your organisation knows exactly what to do and when. The CSSA is actively preparing something special for those working in or thinking of entering the industry. Managers and workers who are CSSA members can expect the CSSA to expose them to previously un-rivalled levels of: Support Reward Recognition

2) Networks. The CSSA makes available to storage owners and operators an incredible amount of industry resource. Through networking meetings and referrals the answer to almost every possible concern is just a phone call away. This includes issues of a legal, financial, regulatory, or technical nature.

3) Information. Various sources from which you can glean almost anything you want to know about the self storage industry are accessible through the CSSA.


As a Featured Vendor Member of the CSSA StorMan is looking forward to supporting all of the above. We believe the next 12 months may be critical for many businesses and that the best way to approach the current business environment is with the support of an association such as the CSSA.

StorMan feels the value provided through a CSSA membership is enough to warrant sponsorship of 12 months membership to new customers.

- Wayne (VP Sales and Marketing, StorMan USA; 2007 - 2010)