Season's Greetings from Collins & Associates

Collins & Associates would like to thank all our valued clients around the country for your continued support of the firm this year. Our business has grown strongly and we look forward to providing the same high level of personal service to you all into the future.

In 2011 we will build upon our solid business growth to date. Consultancy and advocacy has become a larger part of Collins Collins & Associates given the economic climate we currently all face. If you need advice, please give us a call!


We have proved that if you want to...

  • grow your business
  • compare your performance
  • measure your worth
  • leverage your equity
  • reinvest your capital growth, or
  • delineate your property freehold and business values...


Collins Collins & Associates's expertise provides bankable results. Collins Collins & Associates wishes everybody a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thank you - and I look forward to keeping you entertained with more blogs here on in 2011!