Sign-up new customers from an iPad!

Congratulations to All Secure in New Zealand, who won the 2011 SSAA "Innovation Award" for their Paperless Office / iPad Signup system.

The "Paperless Office" system allows you to sign-up new customers on an iPad or Android tablet such as the ASUS Transformer (shown below). In fact, you don't just have to use a tablet computer... any internet-enabled device will work, as the digitised integration process enters data directly into StorMan as well as recording the details in an automatically pre-filled contract (agreement) as a PDF file - saving time, paper and eliminating input errors and lost documents hence increasing management efficiency.

iPad Signup
Left: The ASUS Transformer tablet. Top-inset: StorMan on an un-docked ASUS Transformer.

There are obvious benefits when it comes to disaster recovery, too. In the event of a fire, flood earthquake or similar disaster, this innovation allows the company to re-commence as soon as possible with no damage to customer records or contracts as there is no loss of data.

The phrase ”Do It Once & Do It Right” is the core idea behind this new system - with a future benefit being the facilitation of archives retrieval (for self storage users). This means no more hunting around through old boxes trying to find the contract of someone who stored 7 years ago! This will have the added advantage of space saving and being able to convert this space saving to saleable storage space!

iPad Signup
Left: An All Secure customer completing their agreement on an iPad . Right: StorMan on an iPad.

The list of benefits includes some of the following...

  • Less error on contract input (can set the fields to be of a certain length, or require certain characters, etc)... eliminates data input error due to dyslexia, misinterpretation or illegible
  • You can force the requirement of marketing data (eg: how the customer found you, etc).
  • Changing of contract conditions due to updated legal reasons is now much faster & easier, thereby preventing wastage from unused contracts, plus the time taken to reprint, etc.
  • Customers no longer need to complete multiple forms or duplicate data on each form.
  • The system avoids having to complete a second contract for a second unit / berth / vault / rental (or when changing the unit / berth / vault / rental). This is time wasting and inefficient.
  • No more time issues in locating the correct data or the paper contract.
  • Contracts can be completed on the web... i.e.: anywhere, anytime.
  • Change of customers data from anywhere / anytime directly into StorMan.
  • Easier, faster research and development of marketing, advertising and future growth.
  • Paper contracts and the space they occupy become a thing of the past.
  • Trailer / truck hire (for the Self Storage, Rental & Marina users) and insurance paper forms are a thing of the past.
  • The business manager’s time is utilized more efficiently and effectively.
  • The compulsory iteration of “The Main Points of The Contract” can no longer be disputed. E.g. “I wasn't told I had to give 5 days notice”, “I didn't know I couldn't store explosives” (for self storage users). This places the operator in a very strong legal position if necessary.
  • The customer has the opportunity to update information quickly and easily at any time.
  • A PDF file of each contract is stored on StorMan with a second copy stored on the operators web site.
  • An audit log is created for each alteration.
  • Customer contract losses are eliminated.
  • The amount of paper used/wasted is reduced considerably.
  • Carbon footprint and ink usage is reduced; more environmentally friendly.
  • Time efficiency is increased through lack of duplication.
  • Contracts can be completed at a satellite business operating elsewhere (if required).
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Copy of contracts can be printed if required. Preferably a PDF is sent to their email address.


To find out more regarding pricing or implementation, please visit StorConnect or contact project developer, Steven Gardner (Deepweb) via Congratulations once again to All Secure Self Storage in New Zealand for winning the SSAA's 2011 Innovation Award!

iPad Signup
Steven (Deepweb), Andy (StorMan), Ben (StorMan) & Keith (All Secure Self Storage) pose for a photo with the SSAA Innovation Award at the 2011 SSAA Awards Dinner.

- Andy (Customer Experience & Marketing Manager, StorMan Software)